Stationary gas analyzer IGM-10-X-11, IGM-10-X-11

IGM-10 is designed for automatic continuous measurement of the gas concentration in the surrounding atmosphere: methane, propane, hexane, butane*, ethylene*, gasoline vapor*, amounts of heavy hydrocarbons, toluene or xylene*, benzene*, carbon dioxide.

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POLARIS 1001 series methane-CH4 portable gas analyzer

The gas analyzer is designed for detection of low (0.1 ppm) concentrations of methane, which allows to use the device in the control systems of technological processes, and detect methane leaks from underground storage facilities and pipes.
Main application of the gas analyzer is mobile environmental laboratories.

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IGM-12 stationary optical gas analyzer

The gas analyzer is designed for automatic, continuous measurement of the concentration of flammable hydrocarbon gases or carbon dioxide in the surrounding atmosphere. The calibration of explosive gas is produced with samples of methane, propane or hexane. The gas analyzer is designed for permanent installation.

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MICROSENSE portable gas analyzer

The gas analyzer is designed for measuring concentrations of flammable gases, tde volume fraction of oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as tde volume fraction of toxic gases (hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide). tde devices can be used in tde coal, oil, gas and power industry, metallurgy, etc.

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Why did you choose "IGM Detector"?


The company "IGM-Detector Co. Ltd" is specialized  in  developement, production and service of control and measuring and analytical equipment as stationary  gas detectors, portable multi gas analyzers, leak detectors, as well as  gas sensors.

High quality products

Nowadays updated versions of equipment are presented at the gas sensors market: IGM- series fixed optical gas detectors, Microsense portable multi  gas detector, Vega flame detector. One of our main benefits is a group of highly experienced developers, professionalism and coordination in work which is the cornerstone of our values. The usage of modern testing and production facilities allows us to produce the equipment of any degree of complexity and to move constantly in tune with the times with modern technologies.




Production complete cycle 

"IGM-DETECTOR" Co. LTD is the famous producer of the control measuring and analytical equipment which has its own scientific research results, production facility for devices fabrication, quality control and also for carrying out testing of the issued equipment. Currently we are the customer focused company not only in our country, but also abroad, which possess all necessary resources, technical capabilities and a qualified staff.

The production takes a complete cycle: from unique parameters and circuits engineering devices development to basic workpieces production and final assembly of gas analyzers, setup and their calibration test. This equates us to control quality of products at all stages and to guarantee the best result to our clients!


Currently our team leads development and market penetration of the next generation devices which are totally different in powerful capabilities and higher degree of reliability due to state-of-the-art technologies employment and recent development in the analytical equipment field. We aim our products to be the most easy-to-use: for example, only we have a stationary gas detector with independent power supply which allows to use it in the places with the magistral communications difficulties! "IGM-DETECTOR" Co. LTD works with pleasure with clients specific requests and also handles an active market research to develop and bring in the vital tasks solutions of the domestic and foreign enterprises.