IGM-13 fixed optical gas detector


User manual


The gas detector is designed for automatic, continuous measurement of the concentration of flammable hydrocarbon gases or carbon dioxide in the surrounding atmosphere. The calibration of explosive gas is produced with samples of methane, propane or hexane. The gas analyzer is designed for permanent installation.


Main application


Explosion-hazard areas and areas near external processing units, with possible formation of explosive mixtures of gases and vapors with the air according to GOST R IEC 60079-14-2008 and marking 1Exd [ib] IIC T4 Gb.



The gas analyzer is performed in a metal case with a transparent window for indication elements. In the case there are cable glands, cover to access the terminals of external switching and a module an optical sensor. Housing material is aluminum alloy (possible option: stainless steel).


Technical specifications



Measured gas

explosive hydrocarbon gases, including methane (CH4), propane (C3H8), ethane (C2H6), butane (C4H10), the amount of heavy hydrocarbons (for propane), etc., as well as carbon dioxide (CO2).
Measurement range 0-100% LEL; (0-100% vol.% for CH4) ; СО2 0-2,5% vol
Measuring principle infrared absorption
Output signal • standardized current signal (4 … 20 mA)• interface RS485, protocol MODBUS RTU• 3 relays
Housing material aluminum
Marking 1Exd[ib]IIС T4 Gb
Index of protection IP67
Operating temperature from -60 to 60 С
Response time Т90 30 sec (40 sec for СО2)
Electric supply 5…32 V
Power consumption 0,7 W
Options housing material – stainless steel

with a magnetic switch, RS-485 MODBUS



Overall dimensions of IGM-13