IGM-10-X-01, IGM-10-X-11 fixed optical gas detector



Certificate IP65




IGM-10 is designed for automatic continuous measurement of the gas concentration: methane, propane, hexane, butane*, ethylene*, gasoline vapor*, amounts of heavy hydrocarbons, toluene or xylene*, benzene*, carbon dioxide.


Main application of IGM-10:


Explosion-hazard areas according to marking Ex 1Exd [ib] IIBT6 X with possibility of formation of explosive mixtures of gases and vapors with the air.

Modification Gas Measurement range Accuracy Ambient temperature range
IGM-10-1- methane 0–100 % LEL ±(3 +0.02*С) % LEL from -40 to 65 0С
IGM-10-2- propane 0–100 % LEL ±(3 +0.02*С) % LEL from -40 to 65 0С
IGM-10-3- hexane 0–50 % LEL ±(3 +0.02*С) % LEL from -40 to 65 0С
IGM-10-4- carbon dioxide 0 – 2% vol. ±(0.01+0,05*С) % vol. from -40 to 65 0С


Design Connection type
IGM-10-Х-01 connection via the connector through the I.S. barrier
IGM-10-Х-11 connection with an armored cable through the cable gland

Technical specifications:

Parameter Value
Measurement method infrared absorption
Sampling method diffusion
Service life at least 8 years
Response time  
Marking 1Exd[ib]IIBT6X
Output signal MODBUS RTU Protocol, up to 128 devices on line 4-20mA, passive, max. load of 500 ohms., device fault of 0 mA. Contamination of optics, sensor fault of 2.0 mA. The zero concentration of 4 mA. 0-100% LEL from 4 to 20 mA (linear), range excess of 20-22mA
Index of protection IP65
Input supply 12-28 VDC 24 VDC @ 25 мА (nominal)
Humidity up to 98% relative humidity, non-condensing
Housing material aluminum
Guarantee 12 months
Dimensions 115х95х220 mm
Weight max. 2 kg