IGM-10 fixed gas detector with battery supply


User manual

Certificate IP 65

Permission to use

Pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments

Certification of conformity


IGM-10 is designed for automatic continuous measurement of the gas concentration in the surrounding atmosphere: methane, propane, hexane, butane*, ethylene*, gasoline vapor*, amounts of heavy hydrocarbons, toluene or xylene*, benzene*, carbon dioxide.


Main application of the gas analyzer


Explosion-hazard areas according to marking Ex 1Exd [ib] IIBT6 X with possibility of formation of explosive mixtures of gases and vapors with the air.


Design and modification of IGM-10-Х-2Х


Modification Gas Measurement range Accuracy Ambient temperature range
IGM-10-1- methane 0–100 % LEL ±(3 +0.02*С) % LEL  from -40 to 65 0С
IGM-10-2- propane 0–100 % LEL ±(3 +0.02*С) % LEL from -40 to 65 0С
IGM-10-3- hexane 0–50 % LEL ±(3 +0.02*С) % LEL from -40 to 65 0С
IGM-10-4- carbon dioxide 0 – 2% vol. ±(0.01+0,05*С) % vol. from -40 to 65 0С


Modification Output signal
IGM-10-Х-20 MODBUS RTU protocol, interface RS485. Additionally, on a separate line, regardless of the exchange on RS485, there issued «ALARM» signal when the measured value exceeds a predetermined threshold concentration. One can configure this threshold on the interface RS485.
IGM-10-Х-22 MODBUS RTU protocol, interface RS232 (hardware flow control RTS / CTS).
In addition, there are two dedicated lines, which, regardless of the exchange on the RS232 exhibit «ALARM1″ and «ALARM2″ signals (circuit lines to common COM), informing about the state of the converter:
— «ALARM1″ and «ALARM2″ lines are open – the norm, the measured concentration is below the preset first and second thresholds
— «ALARM1″ line is closed on «COM», «ALARM2″ is open — the measured concentration exceeds the first threshold
— «ALARM1″ and «ALARM2″ lines are closed on «COM» — measured concentration exceeds the second threshold
— «ALARM1″ line is open, «ALARM2″ is closed on «COM» — a hardware error (dirty optics, sensor failure, etc.).One can configure the thresholds for concentration, as well as an option of reset signal «ALARM1″ and «ALARM2″ (with or without acknowledgment) via the RS232 interface.

Technical specifications:

Parameter Value
Measurement method  infrared absorption
Sampling method diffusion
Service life at least 8 years
Response time  
Marking 1Exd[ib]IIBT6X
Index of protection IP65
Supply built-in lithium-ion battery of high capacity
Humidity up to 98% relative humidity, non-condensing
Housing material aluminum
Guarantee 12 months
Sampling rate: IGM10-Х-20 (RS485), max.
IGM-10-Х-22 (RS232), max.
every 15 min
every 2 min
Time of continuous operation from one battery, min. 12 months
Dimensions 115х95х220 mm
Weight max. 2 kg