MULTIGASSENS М2 disposable portable gas analyzer

Multigassens M2 portable gas analyzer (further - device) are designed to measure the concentration of combustible gases (CH4, С2H6 or С3H8 – optical sensor) and volume ratio of oxygen (O2), carbon oxide and hydrogen disulfide (CO/H2S – dual sensor) in the workplace air and for alarming when concentration of controlled gases reaches the set level. 

Gas analyzers are four channels portable (individual) devices of continuous operation and contain 3 slots for sensors mounting. 


The detector performs the following functions:

- continuous monitoring and digital indication of controlled gas components;

- light, sound and vibro-alarm when concentration of controlled gases reaches the set (alarm) level;

- record and subsequent display of concentration extreme values over a period after switching on;

- recording of measurement results by means of non-volatile memory;

- transfer of measurement results to a PC;

- fault indication


Operation conditions

Ambient temperature range, оС

from -40о to +60о

Atmosphere pressure range, kPa

from 80 to 120

Relative humidity range, % (at +25оС)

from 25 to 96 

General specifications

Power supply

build-in lithium battery of high capacity

Ingress protection


Warmup time, sec


Explosion proof mark

Р0 Ex ia I Ma/0 Ex ia IIС T4 Ga

Operating time from a battery, minimum. Battery is noninterchangeable.

2 years

Non-voluntary memory

1000 events

Output signals

monochrome graphics LCD, NFC for readings , buzzer, vibration, alarm LEDs

Sound-pressure level at a distance of 30 cm, not less than

95 dB

Overall dimensions (LхWхD), mm, not less than


Weight, maximum, kg


Body material

rubberized shock resistant plastic (overmolding)

Service lifetime, minimum

10 years

MGS M2 users manual