Flame detector ip 330-1-4 «VEGA»


Сertificate (explosion protection)

Сertificate of conformity

User manual


 Designed to detect the source of the flame and the alarm notification of fire.

Main application:

  • explosion-hazard areas and areas near external installations:
  • oil refineries;
  • gas storage facilities, gas distribution and gas compressor stations;
  • explosive chemical plants and the production of explosives;
  • oil wells, offshore oil platforms;
  • pipelines and plants for the liquefaction of oil during its transport by oil pipelines, oil storage tanks;
  • marine terminal for loading tankers;
  • open areas for storage of inflammable and explosive depots of fuel and lubricants, garages and service stations, tank farms of condensed gases.

Principle of operation:


Fire is detected by the ratio of the intensity of the infrared electromagnetic radiation accompanying firing in three wavelengths in the range of 3 — 5 microns.



  • detection range and reliability of detection of the flame;
  • high noise immunity;
  • reliability;
  • It is achieved by using:
  • unique photovoltaic receivers based on solid solutions A2B6, A4B6 with a sensitivity up to 10 times higher than normally applied;
  • selection by optical filters of flame radiation while simultaneously measuring intensity in the work and support channels, and signal processing algorithm, providing independent detection of fixed and variable component of the signal for each spectral range and taking into account both the volume and the ratio of radiation intensities in the three regions of the spectrum.

Technical specifications:

Detection range of test fire - TF-5 – up to 60m; — TF-6 – up to 30m.
Response time max. 10 sec
Viewing angle min. 90 degree
Output signals 4-20mA; RS485; two relays (“fire” and “fault”), option HART
Supply voltage 9…30 V
Operating ambient temperature -60…+85°C
Index of protection IP67
Marking 1ExdIICT6 X.

Outline drawing of IP 330-1-4