POLARIS 1001 series methane- leak detector


User manual

Pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments


The detector is designed for detection of low (0.1 ppm) concentrations of methane, which allows to use the device in the control systems of technological processes, and detect methane leaks from underground storage facilities and pipes.

Main application of the gas analyzer is mobile environmental laboratories.



  • ultra high sensitivity;
  • high selectivity of the reaction only to methane (selectivity coefficient to propane and other hydrocarbons of 4000);
  • high stability and accuracy;
  • small size and weight.

Technical specification:

Measured gas methane (CH4)
Range 0-2000 ppm
Resolution (5 + 0,05 х concentration) ppm
Sampling method with a pump, the sample flow rate should be at least 2 liters/min
Calibration period 12 months
Temperature range -10 С… +40 С
Relative humidity 45 С – 95 % (at 25 С)
Dimensions 120 x 170 x 265 mm
Weight < 4 kg
Warm-up time 15 min
Response time 0,1-4 sec
Output signal RS-232, LCD display
Supply built-in battery
Power consumption max. 0,5 W